800-2500 MHz patch panel Antenna

Smart Electronics Communication manufactures 800 – 2500 MHz patch panel antenna . We provide the best  Antenna  designed most importantly for transmission of wifi signals for fast data transfer and uninterrrupted video streaming. This antenna works under a frequency range of 800 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2500 MHz. 


Model: SPP0825G7
Electrical Specification
Frequency800~960/1710~2500 MHz
Bandwidth160/790 MHz
Gain7/10 dB
Horizontal Beam-width70°/60°
Vertical Beam-width55°/45°
Front to Back ratio≥ 15 dB
VSWR≤ 1.5:1
Impedance50 ohm
Maximum Input Power50 watt
Mechanical Specification
Weight0.5 Kg (1.1 lb)
Dimension21x18x4.5 cm
Mounting1″-1.5″ diameter
Operating Temperature-40° C to 80° C


Smart Electronics Communication manufactures Patch Panel Antenna for 800 to 2500 MHz frequency band.

These antennas are designed to operate in Cell Phone frequency band (800-2500 MHz). These antennas are ideal for cell phone signal boosters in GSM 900/1800 MHz, 2G, WCDMA, 3G frequency bands. Its All three bands in one small pack. This cell phone wide band antenna eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. These antennas are light weight solution for End user. These antennas can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. These cell phone signal antennas are supplied with a 0.3 meter coax cable. For power input it has one N-female connector fixed at end of coax cable.

Our antennas are designed to provide the best gain in cell phone GSM/2G/3G band for high quality voice and data transfer. These Antenna packed with full mounting hardware. The mounting hardware also has tilt mechanism for antenna alignment.


  • Cell Phone signal booster
  • Cell phone repeater applications
  • Point to Point, Point to Multi-point Systems & 2.4 GHz Wireless Bridges
  • Cell phone signal Jammers
  • 2G 3G Signal booster
  • Wireless mobile internet signal booster

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